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365villas has a variety of channel management solutions to choose from. Unified Communications and two-way Calendar Sync come as standard with our Property Management Software. Together we refer to these two features as our Calendar Sync Plus solution. Our fully integrated Channel Manager Solution from Rentals United is an optional extra that does a bit more. See offer details and pricing below.

Calendar Sync Plus

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Sync all your calendars the leading channels, straight from your 365 account. The calendar sync is two-way, so you’ll never have to worry about updating another calendar.

Your 365 calendar automatically syncs all your channel calendars, and channel bookings sync your 365 calendar, which in turn will sync all the others. Calendar sync comes as standard with 365villas Premium and Professional subscription plans.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

The ‘PLUS’ in Calendar Sync PLUS refers to our Unified Communications functionality. This in enables you to manage your channel communications from 365 and to quickly and easily approve ad incorporate your channel bookings into your account, so your data automatically flows to all your business and accounting reports.

Calendar Manager

Channel Manager

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager goes a bit further than Calendar Sync PLUS. It enables rates synchronization, the ability to manage your listings directly from their 365 account and is the best way to create a large number of new listings quickly.

Rentals United

Rentals United

365villas Property Management Software is integrated with the Rentals United Channel Manager, the largest managed distribution platform in the industry. Connectivity between 365villas and Rentals United is seamless, so you can get set up on the Channel Manager in just a few clicks. From there 365 and Rentals United support teams will assist you in connecting your channel listings.

Pricing Panel

Pricing is a flat-fee structure based on the number of properties in your portfolio. From there you can freely list on as many channels and achieve as many bookings as you wish, with no additional fees to Rentals United or 365villas.

1 – 4*730 per annum588 per annum526 per annum
5 – 9*1116 per annum900 per annum805 per annum
10 - 19126 per month119 per month102 per month
20 - 29169 per month159 per month137 per month
30 - 39211 per month199 per month171 per month
40 - 49253 per month239 per month206 per month
More than 49Ask For QuoteAsk For QuoteAsk For Quote
*= Annual pricing applies to those with less than 10 properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Easy set-up instructions for both Calendar Sync and the Channel Manager can be found inside your 365 account. With the Channel Manager you do a one-time set-up with Rentals United, where you select your preferred portals and agree their respective terms of use. Rentals United will then connect your channels. Once this process is done, everything works seamlessly from your 365 account.

What are the similarities between Calendar Sync Plus and the Channel Manager?

Both let you sync calendars in two-directions. Both notify you instantly of syncing and new bookings. Both let you seamlessly integrate booking data with the rest of your work-flow and both prevent double bookings. Most channels are supported on either platform.

What are the key differences between Calendar Sync Plus and the Channel Manager?

Calendar Sync PLUS is free feature-functionality that comes with your 365villas Property Management Software account. The Channel Manager is a fully integrated optional extra from Rentals United. (See pricing above.) The differences between the two solutions are:

1) The Channel Manager syncs instantaneously. Calendar Sync will sync about every 5-10 minutes.
2) The Channel Manager enables you to sync your rates. Calendar Sync does not.
3) The Channel Manager enables you to create new listings from a single point. With Calendar Sync, you create new listings directly with the channels.
4) The Channel Manager enables you to manage your listings directly from your 365 account. With Calendar Sync PLUS, you can manage your calendars are synced and communications managed from your 365 account, but other content is managed directly on the channel listings themselves.

Will I lose my existing listings and reviews if I use your channel manager?

Nope, Rentals United will help you move them over to the Channel Manager and you’ll be able to keep your tenure and your reviews. If you’re currently on a paid subscription plan with a particular portal that listing will become free. You’ll then pay a fee per booking to the portal provider in question. In most cases, you will already be paying channel commissions for bookings and those commission will remain the same.

With the channel manager do I have to accept all bookings I receive or can I decline if I want?

In most cases, no. But this depends on the channel in question and is not directly related to the Channel Manager, which is neutral on this point.

Will the Channel Manager enable me to automatically mark-up my rates to cover the channel booking commission?

Sure. Most channels are on accessible with both solutions. Using the Calendar Sync PLUS and the Channel Manager eclectically gives you more flexibility. For example, if you already have many listings in place that you’re quite happy with and you don’t need to sync rates, you will probably be better off keeping those listings as they are and simply using Calendar Sync PLUS. You could then use Channel Manager to extent your market reach with other channels you’re not currently using. There’s a lot of flexibility. The only thing you cannot do is use both solutions for the same channel and the same property.