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Connect to over 60 Channels

Our in-house channel manager option is integrated with over 60 OTA channels, including all major brands. We also have a direct integration with Rentals United for existing Rentals United users.

365Villas Channel Manager

Sync rates, calendars, and listings with over 60 of the world’s top OTA channels, including Airbnb,, Vrbo, TripAdvisor brands. This separate paid option is fully integrated with our Property Management Software, so you still manage all everything in one place. Billing and support are also done under one roof with 365Villas.

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365Villas Pricing Option

Our in-house channel manager integrates seamlessly with your 365Villas software account. Click below to access our pricing configurator for both solutions.

Rentals United Option

If you use Rentals United, 365Villas is fully integrated with the RU Channel Manager. Migrating to 365Villas from your old PMS, while keeping your RU account is easy. We’ll be happy to explain the process during your initial consultation.

Channel Manager Benefits

Streamlined access

Providing a single point of entry means that you can manage your letting across a number of sites without managing passwords, access, or profiles. This allows you to elegantly perform essential tasks such as booking, scheduling, or administration, without having to repeat your actions across multiple pages.

Save time & effort

Many channel management platforms will simplify or automate your account generation, saving days of effort researching and registering with sites. This automation also allows you to manage booking and messaging, enjoy an integrated payment solution when handling bookings, and improve your overall property website design.

Saving money

The cost of going through a channel manager can often be quickly mitigated by an increase in representation across a range of rental platforms and an ability to quickly respond to questions and queries. Simply joining a channel management platform will allow you to secure a presence on a number of platforms at a fraction of the effort.


Planning how and when to market your property can be immensely challenging. Choosing a channel manager empowers you to capture and analyse key data about your property and advertise accordingly. A solid system will allow you to source qualitative feedback and empirical data that can be extracted for future analysis.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use a channel manager?

No, you don’t. The 365Villas channel manager is a separate paid option. For most property managers a channel manager is a strategic imperative. However, for those with small portfolio or limited needs, our two-way calendar sync, which comes free with our software may suffice.

What are the key difference between the 365Villas and Rentals United options?

The two solutions are comparable. Both will integrate your 365Villas software with over 60 channels including all the global brands. With our option, billing and support are done with 365Villas under one roof.

Can I mark-up my rates to automatically my cover channel commissions?

Yes, of course. Settings controls enable you to have channel commissions dynamically added to your rates, so they are automatically passed on to the guest.

Do I have to create multiple listings per property?

No, you don’t. In addition to syncing calendars, rates, and booking information, our channel manager will also distribute your listings to your channels. That means you only need to create and manage them in one place – your 365Villas software account. While there are some exceptions, this is the case with most major channels.

Am I required to have a minimum of 5 properties?

Many global OTA’s and most channel managers require 5 properties or more to connect. With the 365Villas in-house channel manager we can support most users from 1 property on up.

How does billing work for small portfolio?

While we can provide our channel manager solution we can service portfolio of any size, including owners with just one property. However, billing is done in 5-unit increments and for those with fewer than 10 properties, the annual plan is required.

Can I choose annual for the software and the monthly for the channel manager?

We offer monthly and annual plans for both our Property Management Software and our Channel Manager. However, for billing and administrative puroses, we need users to choose the same option for both solutions – i.e. either monthly OR annual.


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